PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome/Disease)

  1. How common is PCOS ?
    Nowadays it has become very common. It is not only seen in obese women but also normal or thin built women.
  2. What is the cause of POCS ?
    There is metabolic and hormonal imbalance wherein there is insulin resistance and hperandrogenism. It can be due to stress, weight gain, certain drugs, pollution, sedentary lifestyle, junk diet, etc.
  3. What are the signs and symptoms of PCOS ?
    Menstrual irregularities, scanty menses, hair loss, acne, horseness of voice, infertility. Patients are at a greater risk of developing diabetes, hypetension, endometrial hyperplasia in the future.
  4. What is the treatment of PCOS ?
    It is certainly a curable condition. It depends on the age group of the patient. In young unmarried patient the mainstay of treatment is lifestyle modification, diet modification, exercises along with drugs to improve metabolism and insulin resistance. If the patient is unable to conceive then the major issue is of anovulation (failure of ovulation of egg). Certain drugs are given for it. If patient has completed her family the main aim is to restore menses by hormonal therapy.
  5. Does alternative medicine help in PCOS ?
    The results are much better with allopathic medicines. In fact most of the alternative medicine practitioners themselves use allopathic drugs.
  6. Does the treatment hep in curing associated acne, weight gain, hair loss ?
    Certainly it helps a lot.
  7. Is surgery required in PCOS patients ?
    PCO drilling surgery is only required in patients having severe hormonal imbalance, failure of ovulation induction. It can be done at the same sitting along with a diagnostic laparoscopy in infertility.